Various shots of the meeting of Chamberlain and Halifax with Mussolini and Ciano in Rome. Various shots of King George VI accompanied by Queen Elizabeth (Queen Mother) launching the battleship King George V. M/S Franco on balcony taking salute at victory parade through Madrid ending the Spanish Civil War. M/S of the new Pope Pius XII (Cardinal Pacelli). Various shots of the King and Queen greeting President Albert Lebrun and his wife Victoria station and of the state drive through London and of the crowds outside Buckingham Palace.

Various shots of the Grand National at Aintree. Various shots of the Cup Final at Wembley and the presentation of the Cup by the King and Queen to Portsmouth captain. Various shots of the King and Queen leaving for visit to Canada. Various shots of the Derby at Epsom. Various shots of the King and Queen's state visit to Canada and the United States of America With the Roosevelt meeting. Various shots of the King and Queen's return to England to the two Princesses meeting them and of the reception in London.

Various shots of the King and Queen with Queen Mary taking the salute at a parade of Civil Defence services. Various shots of the royal family at Duke of York's camp singing "Underneath the spreading chestnut tree". Various shots of the disaster that happened during the launching of H.M.S. Formidable when the ship broke away and launched itself. Various shots of the days up to and the outbreak of war, showing King's return to London, children evacuated, Sir Neville Henderson's return from Berlin, and montage of library shots to illustrate the German invasion of Poland, the political events in London, and recruiting in England and France in the build up to outbreak of Second World War.

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