Russian Offensive Over A Thousand Miles Front (1942)


Tanks move through the Russian countryside. Map of the USSR shows Leningrad being pointed out. Sequence showing a Russian runner carrying a message with the map reference of a German point of resistance. He brings the message to a Command Post located in an armoured train. The position is traced on the map and the train goes off to a new location. It is joined there by guns that blast the German position.

Various shots of Russian ground troops entering the heavily shelled German position in search of prisoners. A group of German soldiers with shaven heads are paraded through the streets of Leningrad past angry crowds. A woman spits at them.

Map points out the Rzhev-Vyasma area. Several shots of day and night Soviet gun barrages. Soviet troops advance with tank coverage.

C/U of General Zhukov sits at a desk, looking at a map. Various shots of Russian refugees returning to their now liberated but flattened towns. A Russian soldier strokes the head of a small boy. Several shots of ruined towns. German graves. We see large quantities of German war equipment captured in one of the newly occupied towns, plus more German prisoners marching along.

Map shows the are of Voronezh. Various shots of Russian and German planes in a dog fight in the sky above Voronezh. Hungarian soldiers surrender to the Russians

Map points out Stalingrad. Several shots of Russian infantry and artillery action in the area. We then see battle weary and wounded Russian soldiers receiving food from an old lady outside her home.

FILM ID:1346.11

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