Time To Remember - The Last Winter 1944 - 1945 - Reel 2 (1944-1945)

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01:07:09 VS of Allied soldiers in the snows of a German winter. Vehicles have problems on the icy roads. A tank slides on ice. A pilot skis to his plane on their airfield. Snow cleared.

01:08:06 Adolf Hitler talks over plans with German officers. Allied vehicles burning on a road in the Ardennes. German troops counter attack against American soldiers. German Tiger tanks advance. British troops marching forward through snow. Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery (Monty) talks with senior officers.

01:09:33 CU road sign "Bastogne". German troops relax with a cigarette. Allied artillery fires. American troops besieged in town. Planes fly overhead carrying supplies for Bastogne. Aerial views of bombs falling on German lines. German advance slows and Allied troops begin to move forwards.

01:11:40 Allied anti-aircraft gunner run to weapons. German planes attack RAF bases in Belgium. Allied pilots take off to join the battle. Planes and vehicles burn on the ground. Dog fight scenes over snowy fields.

01:12:57 American troops moving forwards in Ardennes. German troops fall back under fire. VS of shot down German planes.

01:13:39 End of Part One titles. FILM ID:2253.02

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